Thursday, July 14, 2011


I feel like the phrase "it's therapeutic" can often be used as an excuse. But when you really get down to the root of therapy, an exercise in which one broken person talks to another broken, yet specifically-educated person and, ideally, walks away feeling better...there's meaning! With that somewhat ambiguous purpose in mind, I think to myself: what are those things that soothe my soul? When do I feel so connected to God that I have no doubts of his plan or his presence? What do I enjoy? What makes me feel better?

There are lots of therapeutic activities I've recently been employing... not because I feel I must soothe my own soul, but rather because God has given me a sound mind! And this sound mind is saying to itself, "do things that make you happy".

So what have I been doing that I find simply therapeutic?

Gardening. I water the garden and pick tomatoes, zucchini, squash, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, and peaches about every other day. There's something really satisfying about using my hands and being barefoot in the dirt. This is how God intended food to grow! Gardening is a lifestyle I want to always carry with me... even if I live in an apartment for the rest of my life, I will employ a garden as at least a fractional portion of my produce supply.

Listening to Mumford & Sons, Jon Mark McMillan, and Adele... they make an excellent play-list, those three. My heart has also been sweetly tugged on to the extent that I'm enjoying some newly awakened oldies these days as well. Live on, Beatles.

Creating my own recipes. I can truly say, "here, have MY recipe for tomato soup!" Now that feels like an accomplishment. That helps me to feel in control (another thing the word "therapeutic" naturally carries with in gaining control). I'm going to do something with zucchini muffins tonight.

Doing things the old fashioned way. When's the last time you rode a bike to the post office? Yes, it is so satisfying (when not painful and exhausting, hehe)!

Having some good, good quiet in the mornings. Oh, sing praise my soul...the mornings have been cloudy (today I even felt some drizzle drops!). How did God know?? I like to think, at least, that the weather is a very personal gift for me, but I think the rest of SoCal is also celebrating.

Meditating on Scripture. Today: Proverbs 11...I sat there for a while.

Creating art. [Yes, I did go to Michael's the other day for their Christmas prep sale...very cheap yarn!]

Spending time with important people and having conversations with ones who love and know me well. It is SO good to be known, to be understood... I believe this is a new passion that's been ignited in me this summer. I will forever be an advocate for people who feel unknown!

Eating the snacks I brought home form Turkey...originally meant for others, but I haven't seen too many others so...more Tutku for me!

Making a list of things I wanted to do this week. From "read in the sunshine" to "make a new journal" to "learn Turkish", I don't mind being both practical and ambitiously imaginative with myself at the same time.

Blogging. Oh, myHandH readers, how dearly I cherish the attention you pay this site...but how much more do I cherish the sheer ability to express myself with the written word?! Mmm.

Go do something therapeutic for yourself, please! Doctor's orders.

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Marianna.Beth said...

did you ever see this book that I got for bday or xmas? Brigitte dale says "what?! it's therapeutic."