Sunday, March 18, 2012


We've had a baby! Well, I have not had a baby, but there is a new baby in our family: my sister and brother-in-laws' Gracelynn Noelle. She is tiny and so sweet and I love her to pieces.

Being an auntie for the third time around has been thus far a remarkable experience. I've been looking forward to the arrival of my new little friend for quite some time now. I knew I'd be able to count on lots of joy and snuggles. And now that she's here, I have a whole lot more respect for my sis and her husband for all the work that is involved in new parenting. It's an all-consuming job. So much revolves around such a small, small person. It's amazing though.

And with that work in mind, I can truly say that I'm grateful for the season of life in which I stand (sit...or should I say rock?). With a sister eight and a half years older than myself, we've always been in different seasons from one another. I would admit, though, that with the coming baby I was afraid of jealousy that might spring up...afraid of an unquenchable desire for motherhood that may arise from experiencing my niece. However, that is not the case. I love being with her; being with them. But I also love my independence. I've realized that I am not ready to be a mother right now. And ouch how that hurts to write...but I know it's true. Motherhood is for me, absolutely. But motherhood is for me somewhere down the line, not today.

Aunthood is something special, something sweet. And I am so set to enjoy it fully.

Picture: We celebrated Gracelynn's first St. Patrick's Day in "My Auntie/Niecie is Awesome" shirts.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Chrysanthemum, this is so beautiful to hear! Congrats on the new addition to your family!