Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The One Day Testimony

Never in my history of blogging have I ever let this much time pass between posts! I guess this graduating senior gig is the real deal. I've already written 29 papers this semester. Just this semester; yikes.

So what to update? I could tell you about my niece and how amazing it is to watch a little one grow so quickly. Or I could tell you about the dating fast and how though I've been grateful for its place in my life, I don't feel that it coming to an end on April 30th is all that significant in any way. Or I could spill my insecurities about how sharing a less-than-thrilling post college plan with people on a daily basis has been. Or, I could tell you my testimony.

Because testimony, as defined by the dictionary, is "evidence in support of a fact or statement; proof." "Evidence of what, ma'am?", one may ask (because all inquirers who live in my mind are quaintly cordial). Well, evidence of the Christian life I live. As my dear Marianna once advised me, my testimony does not have to be the story of how I came to faith every time. Because believe it or not, I have trouble telling that story. Since so much of my story is wrapped around a sub-plot of battles in emotional turmoil that I've yet to come to complete terms with, I struggle to give a good ending. And Lord knows a good ending is so important in my stories. Marianna taught me that my testimony can be the story of my day. Hey! It's evidence in support of the fact that I am saved by a gracious Jesus; proof that when I lack the energy necessary for believing that God will give my overarching testimony a good ending, my testimony for today is quite enough.

So today, my testimony is this:

I've been drinking less coffee than usual over the past couple of days. For some reason this is encouraging to me. I laughed at work and got sassy with a friend who could take it. We expressed our mutual appreciation for one another and got real honest about the University's proposed code of conduct. As it turns out, we'd love to abide by about 95% of our contract, but when put in contract form, oh(!) does it push out buttons. Sass, you see. I had insightful things to say in each of my classes today. I'm six weeks away from freedom, yet I reached somewhere inward and found that there is a vigor for learning in me. Again, encouraging. I took advantage of a jet lagged friend and got slap happy over something totally neutral in humor. I cooked a delicious burrito with just a tad too much cayenne for dinner. I baked whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and had a spontaneous, yet much needed skype conversation. And you see, in this day, my Father was entirely present. He sent his Spirit to meet me in the art gallery when I needed a breather from theological conversation. He spoke through me as I helped students find lost items at work. He directed my evening away from study, as I had planned, and toward an appropriate respite.

It's my one day testimony, you see.

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