Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finding the love, Living the balanced life

I find myself very busy these days... I also find myself hearing these words from people I love: "You need to cut back!" I know this is true and I will cut back. I sincerely am a fan of a balanced life, but I'm finding it hard to find that balance these first weeks of school. I'm learning how to live in the in-between. I'm in between a phase of rest and a phase of busy days and more stress. Sometime very soon I should figure out the daily flow of balancing my many activities. Until then, however, I want to remember that Christ is my rock. He sends his love to me throughout my days, whether they're steady or rocky. I am not my constant, he is!
Love these natural heart pics. Though I didn't actually find them in nature, the world wide web is a great substitute.

How do you find balance?

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