Thursday, February 4, 2010


My posture is a-go! Sunday was day 21, and although it's still not perfect (I'm sure it never will be), sitting up with a strong core is now a habit. Oh yeah!

Baby Levi is as cute as ever. Apparently he's a baby prodigy because at one week old, he was already holding his own bottle. I share a blood line with that kid!

Today was ring day. Jamie and I wear our BFF rings every 4th and 8th of the month. Mine is named "Hoot" and hers is "Holler". Since she's in Tennessee and I miss her like mad, it's some consolation knowing that whenever I wash my hands and get water stuck in my ring, she's experiencing the same thing. It's like a dual-state bonding experience.

School is a crazy pace... hard to keep up as I'm used to plenty of rest and time off. Once I make the adjustment, however, this semester should be quite enjoyable. I'm enjoying my classes and find that paying attention is much easier for me now than it was when I was going through my rough time last semester.

The decaf Chai Bomb is my new favorite beverage!

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nessa~rose said...

Way to go! (with the posture thing) That definitely takes discipline, especially in the beginning.

And WOW. Not only adorable, but speedily smart too! Awww proud Aunt, as you should be :)Congrats