Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dorm Room Overhaul!

While I was in Tennessee, I noticed quite a lack of visual pleasantries in Jamie's room. Lucky for me, Jamie is gracious and appreciates my knack for interior warmth (I wouldn't necessarily call it interior design... but I have confidence that I can always make a place feel warm, hehe).

First step, Peace banner:

As I prayed for Jamie that weekend, the Lord impressed the word "peace" on my heart. We were both in need of some good peace. I topped the banner with ribbons, which I latter tacked clothes pins to. Now she can hang pictures, notes, and such on the draping ribbons.

There was also this awful wall above her bed with cracks, bulges, and probably mold growing in it. What can you do? So goes the dorm room experience. But what I COULD do was make a great collage to span the funky wall. I cut out magazine pictures from a food mag, inspiring words, collected and pressed leaves from outside, and used scraps from the peace banner. Jamie picked the images that were most meaningful and fun for her. I wanted to create a combination of texture, comfort, and nature. I think we accomplished just that!

Oh yeah, I figured some make-shift curtains above the window wouldn't hurt either.

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