Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making Time for Christmas

Happy official Christmas Season!

The other day, I told my sister Laura, "You're like the best peson to celbrate Christmas with 'cause we know exactly how each of us likes it." Plus, we grew up together. Funny, isn't it, that Christmas is sometimes best celebrated with family? Family traditions are huge in my heart (though not so huge in my family's heart. Ironic? Yes.). This season, I'm making time for Christmas and here's how:

-I intentionally started with Jesus. Surrendering and dedicating the season to him (which I should do tonight with a little more gumption) is important. If I am not focused on his birth, my moody, human expectations will become big disappointments. My prayer is that I would be able to take in the small moments of the season and make time for joyful things.

-The day after Thanksgiving (yesterday!), I decorated my room. Though the entire house has yet to get its halls decked, my room is beaming with the ever-familiar mini Christmas tree, childhood ornaments, multi-colored lights, and ice skating things.

-I'm on my way to having each and every step for completing the semester (at least school-wise) all planned out. I have a grand list of the homework assignments and papers I need to complete and I have a study plan for each final. Spreading things out into manageable chunks is my style when it comes to school, so I'm doing a little bit every day to prepare for "the most stressful time of the year".

-I made a paper chain. Yup! It's... well yes, it's childish, but in a wonderful way. There is something about participating in the act of anticipation that I'm just sure the Lord delights in. I had my sister write out a small Christmas activity on each day of the countdown and even gave her a list of my stressful days so she wouldn't give me some crazy idea, hehe.

-I'm having a Christmas party: the Sleigh bell Sisters' Soiree next week (Christmas brings out the cheesiest in me). I am SO excited to have my girlfriends over to the house for making merry.

-Warm beverages galore... yes, yes, yes. I really feel Christmassy when I'm sipping something hot. Good thing too, 'cause beverages are portable and perfect for the busy girl that I am.

How are you making time for Christmas?

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