Thursday, December 2, 2010

What would life be like...

if we had less technology. Well, I certainly wouldn't be here musing, would I? My computer crashed over Thanksgiving weekend and... it's kind of nice. At first, I was pretty panicked because I have a good amount of files that aren't backed up, namely music, photos, and my "receipt" to Mom and Dad (it's a log list of the thousands of dollars I owe them...). But once I realized I could call iTunes to get a back up of my purchased music, I have all the pictures that are really important to me in scrapbooks or online somewhere, and my important documents can more or less be reproduced by memory, I felt ok. No, let me correct myself. I felt ok after saying, "Thank you" to the Lord for my computer crashing. Odd as it seemed to turn toward thanks, it was a good move.

Anyways, back to my thought. I've finished up the semester once before without a computer (when it crashed before). And I am so super impressed by the few people who still don't have a cell phone... maybe it's not technology, but just being constantly connected.

Don't get me wrong. I love being a blogger, I love coming up with fun Facebook statuses (I'm doing a thought-provoking Christmas song lyric series right now!), I love Pandora and iTunes, and I so appreciate our capabilities with the internet. But I also like those rare days when I wear a watch and don't have to check my phone for the time. There have even been a few days in the recent past where I didn't look at my phone for a whole day and NOTHING HAPPENED! No one called, no texts, just a day of quiet and it was OK!

So I think I'll ask for a watch for Christmas... and I'll put off going to I.T. 'cause I like the temporary "old-fashioned"ness of not having a laptop. And maybe I'll even send a few snail mail letters this Christmas season. Here's to going back... to the '90s. Yes, I liked that amount of technology.

(Hey, maybe I'll get a pager!)

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