Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am simply overwhelmed with the Lord's faithfulness this morning. Since I'm turning into the ever-so-slight insomniac, I awoke at 6:30 and had the best slow morning I've had all month! And you know how I love slow mornings.

Beyond that tidbit of joy, I have just $455 to go in my support raising for Turk II (what I'm calling my internship in Turkey at the moment). Then...I just got crazy overwhelmed again when SO MANY people responded saying "yes" to being on my prayer team. To think that so many friends and family members WANT to be updated? WANT to lift me up before Him? Thank you. Thank you because I know the many of you reading this post are on that team.

I made an optometry appointment for contacts. I got a haircut (thanks, Lydia!). I'm getting my DVD drive fixed today. I bought a few more Turk-appropriate outfits. I had a dream that I was at a McDonalds in the London airport and realized (gasp!) I'd forgotten my passport! (I'm not even flying through Heathrow.) My appetite is on and off. case you're wondering, yes, each of these factors has to do with my trip.

So I'm praising Him for all the steps and generous acts of my people. And I'm getting into the mindset that I will be leaving the country for seven weeks in less than 25 days. Woo! Cheers to progress.

Pictures from Çıralı, Turkey last summer.

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