Sunday, October 2, 2011

Questions Asked of Me Today

I was just thinking of how interesting it is that we're asked questions on a daily basis. Whether mundane or profound, questions play a key role in the direction of a conversation, interaction, mood... Here are some questions that were asked of me today:

"Do you want ice in your water?"

"How was the apple orchard?"

"So how is your soul?"

"Do you need to take anything else off the bill?"

"How can I be praying for you?"

"Why are you scraping the stuff off your pizza and putting the naked crust back?"

"Why are you eating pizza toppings on top of whole wheat toast??"

"How's school going?"

"Are you leaving already?"

"Why are there so many apples in the kitchen?"

"How do you say 'I'm learning Spanish' in Spanish?"

"How do you make applesauce?"

...and just a little free bonus:

Doesn't it look like the little guy has a question he wants to ask? Miss him.

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