Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Threads Part I

I love me a good blog series! That's why I'm going to do a four week "Thursday Threads" of October series! Inspired by my bloggy friend Megan at SotraCrunchy, I think it's fun to challenge myself as a creative unit and to try writing about something new. Plus, I love taking advantage of a platform opportunity and I can use this series as a mild social justice platform.

I say mild only because I have not yet completely changed my shopping habits, but I sure am in the process of trying to buy all American or second-hand/thrift clothing. It just really bothers me that a large store can sell at $4 T-shirt... my logic tells me the only way a store can sell that is if they're getting all the profit. And then I look at the label and read "Made in India", or "Made in the Philippines"...lots and lots of countries are making our clothes. The horrific stories and reports of sweat shops tug at my heart and say, "There's got to be a better way". So! I'm trying... I'm taking baby steps and saving up money for American pieces (oh yeah, if you didn't quite catch why I'm trying to buy American, it's because if a product was made in America, at least I know the people making the product are being treated "fairly" by American laws... at least, I hope). But believe me: I'm not perfect in this endeavor. In fact, I just bought a pair of $1 Halloween socks and as I typed the beginning of this paragraph thought, "... Yeah, wonder who made those..." Is everyone catching my drift? Feeling my attitude? I've just become a lot more aware of sketchy human labor and I want to learn more and do what I can to live justly in this world.

...On to the fun stuff!

So here is my Thursday Threads outfit for week #1 of October. The leggings, dress, and vest all come from... my mother's closet! Yes, I'm serious. Somehow, I've been inheriting a lot of clothing from my mom. She likes to buy cute things and then decides they're too young for her, so passes them on to me. Hey, I'm not complaining! I don't know where these fun things were made, but I do know that I technically got them second-hand, so at least we're reusing! All very cotton and stretchy. The boots come from Target. They were my big investment of the season ($35 at full price). They're US Patent, so I believe they were made in that right? Anyone? Bracelets: gifts; 1 from my sister, 2 from some long-ago birthday, I believe. I love layering and I love wearing neutrals with neutrals! Who says you can't put black and brown together?? I highly disagree.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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