Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Threads II

This week's outfit comes to you from... again, the mum's closet. Yup. I put together a fall-esque ensemble to celebrate last week's weather (!!!). {May I now mention that it's been in the '90s and '100s?? Last night, 95 degrees at 8:00pm. In October. What?!}

The jeans and orange tank come from my sister. Thanks for those, sis.
The aqua shirt comes from mom.
The striped belt comes from my sis-in-law.
The shoes-I bought them ( will always be my own. I've got tiny feet, so my mom and sis have finally found a dead-end area with handing-down)
The necklace-gift for my 18th birthday... sweet memory.
The jacket-?? Wow, I actually think this jacket is from my high school days. As in: the high school days when I still wasn't paying for my own clothes. Cool!

In summary: 4 inherited items, 2 "gifts", 1 purchase (sorry, I'm not sure where the shoes were made... I've had them for quite some time)

And since I'm so not trying to make myHandH a fashion blog, I thought I'd point out what a secret nerd I am:

Yup, did that...and that.

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