Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TV Junkie

My lovely roommate always comments on the fact that our generation is addicted to TV (both her and I included), and I always respond: "Well I guess every generation was addicted to something. At least it's not LSD!"
True confessions: I'm addicted to three things. TV, caffeine, and sugar... as if you didn't know that, psh. In every season, I'm dealing with one of these three. I periodically give up coffee to remind myself that I am not dependent upon a substance, but rather my creator. I've been cutting back (or desperately trying, anyway) on my sugar intake for the past few months... to little avail. And TV comes and goes with good shows and busy levels in my life. Right now, there are a ton of good shows on and I'm not so overly busy that I can't take an hour or so a day to watch something great. But what am I doing justifying myself to you? Let's get on to the good stuff.

These are the shows I'm currently loving:

The Amazing Race-
It's still running strong. I like this season's contestants and though I'm a little irked that they didn't get out of Asia 'til the middle of the season, the challenges are still very inventive and culture rich. I, of course, would love to run this race some day...!

Pan Am-
Ah, Pan Am. Such a good time travel show. With it's accurate time-period setting (not to mention great outfits for the ladies), it's a show that has you both attaching yourself to the sweet characters like Laura and checking your quickening pulse as Kate accomplishes secret missions. Plus the whole world travel thing is pretty cool to witness, minus a few decades. Everyone was so excited about flight!

The Sing Off-
I don't watch it so regularly, but whenever I go home for the weekend, I find my parents have saved an episode for me on DVR. I loved the Dartmouth Aires singing Queen! Nick Lachey still needs to loosen up a bit... and Sarah Bereilles? Wonderful edition.

Of course. This season has been pretty great so far, even though The Morning After says it's in danger of not progressing much further after season 3. Whatever. I am still in love with the characters, namely Jabar and his little friend Jensen, Drew, and Joel and Julia's prego birth mom Zoe. I'll admit that there are a few too many subplots to include all in one episode, leaving me bummed out when a story I expect to progress is not touched on a given week... but what I really, really love about Parenthood is the acting. Seriously, this is the best, most genuine, off-the-cuff acting I've seen in a while. It makes me feel awkward all the time, which I think is exactly the point. Brilliant.

The New Girl-
Oh, I laugh just writing the title. I can not explain to you how funny The New Girl is... Zooey Deschanel is to die for in this new role. Jess, the new, quirky, eccentric roommate to three "grown" men, stars her way through each episode. A little worldly at points, I try to focus on the character development, which I think has great potential. Last week, we really grew in appreciation for Nick as a man with feelings... hehe, not to mention a growing endearment toward Jess. I laughed and laughed and laughed and I realize I am not doing a good job at describing this show at all. You just have to check it out.

Season 3... we've been waiting. The thing is, I will always watch Glee performances even if one day I decide the show itself is too much for me. The singing and dancing is unbeatable and it simply takes me back to my high school show choir days. Pizazz! The more-than-statistical gay agenda bothers me and so does this second glee club... what's with that? But I do love Kurt Hummel and Rachel Barry so, so. What I've really been waiting for is the debut of Samuel and Damien from this summer's Glee Project. I haven't watched the new episode with Damien yet, but I'm expecting good things.

So there you have it. My little TV world in one post. Please don't suggest any good shows to me until one of these airs its season finale... I'll be looking for something good come spring time!

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